Volunteer with the Lab

Interested in volunteering to work in the lab?

Dr. Baugh is always interested in meeting and chatting with students that may be interested in volunteering to work in the lab. To arrange a time, send an email to:

Students would have the opportunity to receive first-hand experience in a number of methodologies depending on their skill-set, academic year, and interests including:

For the really eager student (or those who are technically inclined), they would also have the opportunity to gain/improve skills in:

Interested in volunteering for a research study?

Throughout the year, we often are looking for volunteers who are interested in participating in one of our research experiments. In a typical behavioral experiment, the volunteer will perform action tasks while we measure hand and/or eye movement (See the Projects link). All research protocols in the laboratory have undergone a review process and have been approved by the University of South Dakota ethics board.

If you are interested in participating in an fMRI study, you are strongly encouraged to read the information contained in the About fMRI page, to know what participation may entail.

To get more details on the current studies looking for volunteers, please contact Dr. Baugh directly at: