Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Lee A. Baugh - (605) 658-6348, Basic Biomedical Sciences, Lee Medical Building 258, Lee.Baugh - at -

Research Associates / Lab Managers

Jamie Bushman

Graduate Students

PhD Students

Eric Graack

MD/PhD Students

Sam Critzer

Medical Scholarship Pathways Students

Dylan Goehner

Honors Students

Carly Cooper

Summer Fellows

It's not summer

Lab Volunteers

Lab volunteers have temporarily been suspended due to COVID-19.

Lab Alumni

Taylor Bosch - Taylor completed his PhD project and is currently the Human Functional Imaging Core Manager.

Kelene Fercho - Kelene completed her PhD work within the lab, and then moved on to many succesful years as Human Functional imaging Core Manager. She left this position in 2019 for a position at the FAA's Civil Air Medical Institute.

Tim Hanna - Tim was a PhD student completing his dissertation within the lab whom is now a post-doctoral research at Carnegie Melon University working with Dr. Brad Mahon in the CAOs Laboratory.

Conrad Mohr-Eymer - Conrad was a SPURA student and honors student whom is now working towards his MD.

Chesney Arend - Chesney is a former SPURA and honors student that is currently completing her law degree.

Nicholas Severson (former SPURA Summer Student).

Sara Niederbaumer - Sara completed her honors thesis in the lab

Natalie Mushitz - Natalie completed her scholarship pathways project in the lab and has continued her MD career progression.

Bikash KC - Bikash completed his MA thesis and is now working for Brookings Health.

Erik Burnison - Erik completed his honors thesis in the lab, moved on to medical school where he completed a Scholarship Pathways Project and is now a physician.

Lillian Kallestad (SPURA Summer Student)

Katelin Woods (Medical Research Apprenticeship Student)

Mackenzi Gatzke (nee Rogers) - Mackenzi was accepted into medical school.

Austin Reno - Austin completed the PhD component of his MD/PhD program, and has returned to his medical school training.

Paige Moser, Biology, USD - Paige was an honors student, who completed her defense in the fall of 2014. 

Michael Neilson - Michael was the recipient of a USD Medical School summer research fellowship.

Leah Wienbar - Leah was the recipient of a BRIN summer research fellowship

Luke Fuhrman, Biology Honors, USD - Luke was an honors student, and a research assistant within the lab.  He is now an MD.

Gina Collings, BBS PHD, USD - Gina left the lab to pursue a teaching career.

Gina Nauman - Gina was a summer research volunteer.