February 2019

  • The lab is excited to have two new medical students joining us. Dylan Goehner is a first year medical student that has been accepted into the Medical Student Scholarship Pathways program. Sam Critzer is a 2nd year MD/PhD student whom will be conducting the PhD portion of his work within the lab.

January 2018

  • Another paper out the door, this time eI was justxamining how the brain processes virtual tool use. Congratulations to all those involved (Austin Reno, Dr. Kelene Fercho, and Taylor Bosch).


November 2018

  • Another great publication with collaborators Dr. Kelene Fercho and XT Wang, looking at the effects of glucose taste versus glucose ingestion on brain networks associated with impulsivity.

  • As always, we had a great time vistiting the Black Hills Stroke Support Group.

  • We had two great poster at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting, in Washington DC.

October 2018

  • The lab is happy to announce another succesful collaborative publication with colleagues, this time examining both the neural neuropsychological characteristics of college students with alcoholic parents. The article can be viewed here.

  • Drs. Baugh and Fercho had a great time in New Mexico, both attending the New Mexico Clinical Neurostimulation Conference at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and presenting their translational stroke research.

  • We had a great time at the Great Plains IDeA-CTR Annual Scientific Meeting at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

  • Lab alum and collaborator, Dr. Kelene Ferchoattended the National Center of Neuromodulation for Rehabilitation Level 1 Workshop at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina and trained with TMS and tDCS for clinical and basic research. We look forward to tapping in to your new expertise!

September 2017

  • Congratulations to Drs. Gina Forster and Lee Baugh on the success of their recent National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation grant to purchase transcranial magnetic stimulation for the Human Functional Imaging Core.

August 2017

  • Congratulations to Drs. Lee Baugh and Kelene Fercho on receiving travel awards to attend the National Institutes of Health-sponsored Clinical Neurostimulation conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to take place in October.

  • We had another great turn out at the 2017 CBBRE Annual Neurobehavioral sympoisum. All of the students and collaborators of the lab did an excellent job. Of particular note, Dr. Kelene Fercho was awarded first place in the research/staff/postdoctoral fellow/graduate student division for her work on brain-computer interfaces.

July 2017

  • Congratulations to Dr. Kelene Fercho on her selection to participate in the second National Institutes of Health-sponsored Summer School in Adaptive Neurotechnologies at the Wadsworth Center in Albany, New York. I guess there could be better ways to spend three weeks in the summer, but I certainly don't know what that would be!

June 2017

  • Congratulations to our collaborator Dr. Gina Forster on a five-year, $3.4 million dollar grant to study genetic and environmental influences in post-traumatic stress disorder. Drs. Baugh and Fercho, are happy to take the lead on the functional imaging component of this project.

  • The 2017 Central Region IDeA Meeting was a great success, with some great work coming out of the lab and out of the labs of our collaborators. It's great to see so much fMRI and EEG work within this region!

May, 2017

  • Remember that fMRI presentation back in March? Congratulations to our collaborator Kory Zimney for being recognized as giving one of the top five presentations.

  • Work from the lab led by Kelene Fercho and Lee Baugh, Taylor Bosch, Sara Niederbaumer, and Cami Brenner (all students in the lab) was presented at the Neural Control of Movement Conference in Dublin, Ireland...we also went to the Guinness factory.

  • Dr. Baugh is happy to announce he has been promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure.

April 2017

  • Amanda Johnson, Kelene Fercho, Lee Baugh, and Kathleen Brown-Rice recently presented on an fMRI study at the Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health Fifth Annual Summit Conference, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

March 2017

  • In collaboration with Kory Zimney and Kelene Fercho, the lab recently presented an fMRI study at the second Pain Science in Motion Colloquium in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Lee Baugh gave a lecture on the neuroscience behind synesthesia and other sensory experiences at the Sound, Color, Shape Interdisciplinary Symposium at USD.

  • The lab had a great time presenting on EEG and brain-computer interface research to high school students as part of the 2017 Scrubs camp.

January 2017

  • Our most recent paper with collaborators Raluca Simons, Jeffrey Simons, Dawne Olson and Gina Forster has been accepted examining posttraumatic stress and alcohol use among veterans. Scanning o


November 2016

  • Congratulation to lab members and collaborators Kami Pearson, Erik Burnison, Jamie Scholl, Kathleen Brown-Rice, Amy Schweinle, Seth Olson, Dawne Olson, Gina Forster, Kelene Fercho, and Elizabeth Hanson for the excellent EEG and fMRI research presented at the 2016 Society for Neuroscience Conference in San Diego, CA.

October 2016

  • The lab was happy to present at the Black Hills Stroke Support group. Many excellent questions from the audience, as always.

September 2016

  • We had a great time, and even better presentation at the Human Factors and Egornomics Society Internation Annual Meeting. Congratulations to Dr. Fercho, who gave an excellent talk about her work.

August 2016

  • We had another excellent CBBRe symposium. Many great speakers from all levels. Fun was had by all. Great poster presentations by lab members Nick and Taylor, and as always, the Neuroimaging Core was well-represented by Drs. Kelene Fercho and Lee Baugh.

July 2016

  • Told you things would be quiet around here.

June 2016

  • The lab is happy to have Nick Severson, a SPURA summer student within the lab to begin examining the roles of circadian rhythm on a number of impulsive decision making tasks and concurrent EEG measurements. It's going to be an interesting project!

May 2016

  • The lab is happy to announce are CBBRe collaborative grant application with Drs. Kelene Fercho and Liz Hanson was successful, allowing us to further study the utility of pupil diameter and measures of cognitive workload during EEG-Brain Computer Interfaces.

  • Things will certainly be quiet around here, as our colleague Dr. Kelene Fercho is heading to Tubingen for two months to learn all about how neuroscience is performed at the world-class lab of Dr. Niels Birbaumer.

April 2016

  • Members of the lab are once again looking forward to a trip to the Rapid City campus to meet with our research participants from the western side of the state.

  • Congratulations to Drs. R. and J. Simons on their first, 1st author fMRI publication examining PTSD and alcohol use among veterans. It is a great project, and we are glad we could help!

March 2016

  • The lab is happy to report the our colleague and fMRI lab manager, Dr. Kelene Fercho, successfully had a paper examining how the cognitive attributions of errors in object lifting can change the way errors corrected for in future interactions (with which we collaborated) accepted into Experimental Brain Research...one of many more to follow!

February 2016

  • Lab member and SDSU student, Tim Hanna, successfully defended his comprehensive oral exam. Congratulations Tim!

January 2016

  • Another year, another class of medical students. Dr. Baugh is looking forward to teaching the class of 2019 all about the brain!


December 2015

  • Members of the lab are looking forward to a trip West River to see the sights and interact with some of our wonderful research participants.

November 2015

  • The lab had a great showing at SfN in Chicago this year. Four excellent posters!

October 2015

  • Dr. Baugh is most appreciative of the opportunity to meet and discuss stroke research with members of the Rapid City Stroke Support Group.

September 2015

  • Dr. Baugh is looking forward to a whole new year of teaching undergraduate and graduate students in Neurobiology.

August 2015

  • Lab PhD student Taylor Bosch had an excellent talk at the Annual CBBRe symposium. I know everyone was excited about your latest results!


July 2015

  • Dr. Baugh enjoyed a short trip to Iowa to meet with Dr. Warren Darling to discuss matters at hand (or at least object manipulation studies), and Dr. Enrique Leira, and Dr. Harold Adams to discuss possible collaborative opportunities. Additionally, the Stoppelmoor lecture given by Dr. Stephen Cramer was a great opportunity to see the leading edge of stroke rehabilitation research.
  • Austin Reno had a great time presenting his research at the Keystone Conference in Boulder, Colorado.  From all reports, the poster was a big hit.
  • Dr. Baugh enjoyed his visit to Watertown to present to the Stroke Survivor group (...and to see the great zoo)
  • Congratulations to Katelin, who ended her time with the lab with an excellent presentation on her work looking at different EEG classification systems for a novel P300 speller.
  • The lab was happy to return to, and present new data, to the Vermillion Stroke Support Group and update them as to how they have helped stroke research at SSOM.
  • The lab will be well represented this year in Chicago, as we have had four posters accepted for presentation at the Annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.

June 2015

  • Welcome to Katelin Woods, a very bright and ambitious high-school student who will be joining the lab for a month as part of the RAP (Medical Research Assistantship) program,
  • Congratulations to Dr. Murray Singer on his retirement following 42 years of service to the Department of Psychology at the University of Manitoba. To the dismay of Dr. Baugh's students, much of what he learned about proper scientific writing came from his time as an MA student with Dr. Singer.
  • Dr. Baugh is happy to attend the 2015 INBRE regional meeting.
  • Dr. Baugh is grateful for the opportunity to present to the Sioux Falls Stroke Survivor group.
  • The IEEE World Haptics Workshop on Weight Illusions was a great opportunity to share some really interesting research.  Special thanks to Dr. Gavin Buckingham for organizing the event!
May 2015
  • We are happy to announce the formation of the human neuroimaging core at USD.  More details to follow, but in the interim we do have a website.
  • Congratulations again to Dr. Fercho, who has accepted a position managing the newly developed fMRI core at USD.  We wish you all the best with your new position...I hear you new boss is a little difficult to deal with at times!
  • In other great news, Lillian Kallestad has been awarded a SPURA summer fellowship to continue work on delay discounting in conjunction with Dr. XT Wang in the psychology department.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Kelene Fercho, who successfully passed her PhD Defense.
  • Congratulations to Austin Reno, who successfully defended his PhD thesis.  Has a couple of years yet before he's a Dr./Dr., but I am sure he is glad to return to the clinical component of his M.D./Ph.D. training.

April 2015

  • Kelene Fercho gave an excellent talk at NCM 2015 in Charleston, SC.  One of only a few students selected to give an oral presentation, she represented the lab as well (and perhaps better!) than I could have.
  • Congratulations to Erik Burnison, who successfully completed his Honors Thesis, and was accepted to Medical school.  He's had a busy month.
  • Congratulations to Mackenzie Gatzke (Nee Rogers) who was accepted to medical school.
  • Congratulations to Luke Fuhrman, also accepted into medical school.
March 2015
  • The lab is looking forward to talking about illusions in object interactions at this year's IEEE World Haptics Conference in Chicago.  A special thanks goes to Dr. Gavin Buckingham for organizing this event and inviting us to partake.
  • The lab is happy to announce that Amanda Johnson was successful in entering the Scholarship Pathways Program as part of her medical training.  We are looking forward to her joining the lab.
  • We are happy to welcome Tim Hannah, a SDSU student whom will be helping out with some of the fMRI projects within the lab.
February 2015
  • Congratulations to Ms. Kelene Fercho, whose work with the lab was selected as an oral presentation for this year's annual meeting of the Society for the Neural Control of Movement
  • Dr. Baugh is looking forward to another couple of fun-packed weeks teaching our first year medical students all about the brain and radiology.
January 2015


December 2014
  • We are happy to announce, and grateful for the success, of our CBBRe interdisciplinary grant. We look forward to continuing our exciting research with our colleague XT Wang, across the street in the Psychology Department.

November 2014
  • The lab had a wonderful turnout to our three posters at SfN this year in Washington, DC.
October 2014
September 2014

August 2014
  • The first annual CBBRe conference was a great success, and lots of fun.  Special thanks go out to our invited speakers who made the trip out to South Dakota to share their exciting research
  • We are sad to see both Allie and Hannah leave the lab, and wish them the best of luck. It was a very productive summer.
  • It is true, the SSOM has been ice-bucket challenged, thanks to those that participated (Drs. Inglis, Manzerra, Huber, Bunger, Waller, and Hohnson) and for the nomination.  This is one circumstance that I can pay my way out of! Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGvw5osh5YE
July 2014

June 2014

April 2014
  • Congratulations to Allie Ladd, who was successful in her MSRP fellowship (Medical Student Summer Research Program).

March 2014

  • Congratulations to Tre Gillaspie who was successful in his SPURA (Summer Program for Undergraduate Research in Addiction) summer research fellowship.
  • Congratulations to Hannah Zystra, who was successful in obtaining a research fellowship to work in the lab over the summer.

February 2014

  • The lab welcomes Erik Burnison, who will be completing his honor's thesis within the lab.
  • Dr. Baugh is looking forward to teaching a new class of Medical Students all about the brain!

January 2014

  • Congratulations to Bikash KC, who has received a Sigma-Xi award for his research examining stroke manipulation.
  • We had a great time showing off our research to future BRIN fellows, we hope to see some of you again in the summer!


December 2013

  • Congratulations to Paige Mosier on her successful honor's thesis defense.

November 2013

  • We had a wonderful time in sunny San Diego, for the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting.
  • Congratulations Kelene Fercho, for her successful PhD thesis proposal

September 2013

  • Dr. Baugh is excited to start teaching Neuro Biology this semester.
  • The Neuro Journal club is up and running!  Check out the link along the left.

August 2013

  • The lab welcomes Taylor Bosch. Taylor is a Phd Graduate student within Basic Biomedical Sciences, and will be completing his graduate work within the lab.
  • The lab congratulates Mike on the successful completion of his summer research project, and an excellent presentation on his results. Mike now moves over to the dark side, and begins his MD training.
  • Leah had an awesome poster presentation marking the end of her summer fellowship in the lab. She has been a valuable member of the team, and we wish her all the best in her future academic endeavors.

July 2013

  • Austin completed his thesis proposal presentation. We thank all his committee members for providing valuable advice which we are sure will make for an excellent PhD project.

June 2013

  • The lab is happy to welcome Mike Neilson to the lab. Mike will be entering his first year of med-school in the fall, and has been awarded a summer student fellowship to work in the lab. Mike will be looking at the effects of blood glucose levels on intertemporal decision making utilizing functional magnetic resonance imaging.
  • We also welcome Leah Wienbar, a BRIN undergraduate summer fellowship. Leah is coming from Dakota Wesleyan, and will spend the summer examining the effects of concussive injuries on skilled object manipulation.

May 2013

  • The lab is happy to welcome Bias KC, a PhD graduate student within Basic Biomedical Sciences, to the lab. Bikash will be undertaking a lab rotation.

April, 2013

  • The Baugh Lab would like to thank members of the Sanford Research National Institute for Athletic Health and Performance for the opportunity to visit and discuss the potential for collaboration in future research endeavors. Some great ideas were bounced around, and we look forward to collecting some pilot data!
  • Dr. Baugh is looking forward to serving on both the University Senate and the SSOM Research Committee.
  • The lab is happy announce Leah Wienbar was successful in obtaining a research fellowship to work in the lab. Leah will be gaining valuable research experience as a 2013 BRIN undergraduate research fellow.
  • The lab is happy to announce Michael Neilson was successful in obtaining a medical student summer research fellowship to work with the lab.
  • Members of the lab attended the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Society for the Neural Control of Movement (NCM), in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Both the weather and science were fantastic!
  • Congratulations to Mr. Luke Fuhrman on the successful defense of his honors thesis entitled: "The Effects of Age on Muscle Sensitivity During a Force Matching Task."
  • Dr. Baugh enjoyed the opportunity to present a brief overview of fMRI, and the research being conducted to members of the South Dakota Chapter of Sigma Xi.

February, 2013

  • The lab is happy to announce it was successful in obtaining two collaborative research grants from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. We look forward to working with our new collaborators Dr. X.T. Wang and Dr. Kathleen Rice.
  • Dr. Baugh presented some recent research to the members of the Brain and Cognitive Sciences area of the Psychology Department at the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg. It was great to see some familiar faces, as well as some new ones and to be given the opportunity to talk about some of the exciting research projects currently underway.
  • Dr. Baugh would like to thank all the members of the Human Factors program within the Department of Psychology at the University of South Dakota for the opportunity to visit and talk about ongoing research within the lab.
  • The lab was given the opportunity to present information about the current state of stroke rehabilitation as it relates to movement to members of both the Sioux Falls and Vermillion stroke support groups. We truly appreciate the opportunity to engage in discussion with members of the community who have had or have otherwise been affected by a stroke.

January, 2013

  • We are happy to welcome Austin Reno, an MD/Phd Student to the lab. Austin will be examining the differences between real and virtual tool use, using functional magnetic resonance imaging.


October, 2012

  • The lab has been successful in its application to the BRIN pilot grant program. Funds will be used to set-up a haptically enabled virtual reality environment, as well as supplement the costs of imaging.
  • Members of the lab attended the Society for Neuroscience 2012 annual meeting in New Orleans.

June, 2012

  • Pilot funding has been secured for an interdisciplinary project between our lab and Dr. Moses Ikiugu from the department of occupational therapy. Funds will be used to cover the imaging costs related to this exciting new project.

April, 2012

  • We are thrilled to welcome Kelene Fercho to the lab. Kelene has been hired as a research associate and will be assisting with just about everything!


December 1st, 2011

  • Dr. Baugh is happy to become a member of the Basic Biomedical Sciences Faculty, at the University of South Dakota's Sanford School of Medicine.