Lab Facilities

To examine the development, maintenance, and deficits associated with skilled movement, we utilize a number of specialized technologies and experimental paradigms. Our lab equipment includes:

Force transducers

Range of 6-axis force sensors from ATI Industrial Automation and JR3 Industries

Motion tracking

Ascension TrakSTAR system

Eye tracking

SMI Eyetracking Goggles and analysis software (BeGaze)



Biopac wireless EMG system and analysis software (Acqknowledge)

Video recording

Microsoft KINECT 3-D motion capture and custom software (C++/ Matlab)


Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)

Siemens 3T Skyra wide-bore

fMRI Data Analysis Computers

Three HP z800 Workstations (8 2.4Ghz Cores, 12GB Ram, NVIDIA Quadro 4000 GPU) Analysis Software includes: BrainVoyagerQX, AFNI, FreeSurfer

Data Acquisition

National Instruments PXI-6602 Running Labview 2011

NI-6225 DAQ (80 AI, 24 DIO, 2 AO), NI-6704 (A0), NI-8430 Serial Interface (8 Ports)

NI-BNC2121 Digital Counter


Three-Dimensional Object Printing

A BfB Touch Dual Head 3-D printer is housed within the lab for stimulus creation. Objects are drafted in 3-D CAD software, and then converted using AXON 2 software for use with the printer.




A Biopac 9-Channel (plus 1 EOG for eyemovement artefact removal) EEG system is housed within the lab for studies examining the neurological underpinnings of skilled movement that do not lend themselves to an fMRI environment. A combination of vendor software (AcqKnowledge), custom matlab code, and the open source software programs eeglab and erplab are used for data analysis.

Robotic Interface

A Phantom 1.5 Premium (SensAble Technologies, Inc) haptic-enabled end-effector robot is available for studies examining virtual object manipulation, assessing deficits following stroke, and stroke rehabilitation utilizing force-feedback.


Vision Occulusion

A pair of Plato LCD shutterglasses allow for the occulusion of each eye independentlly. These are used to prevent participants from obtaining visual cues during certain experimental paradigms.

General Computing

Various HP Desktop and Laptop machines within the lab are dedicated for student use.