About fMRI

This page borrows heavily from that which appears on Dr. Jody Culham's lab website. Dr. Culham is a true innovator in the field, and her expertise in neuroimaging has benefitted many fMRI researchers. She is also the creator of the 'fMRI 4 Newbies' website, an invaluable source of information for anyone interested in functional MRI.

Is it safe?

MRI scans have been performed around the world for many years, with very few incidents occurring. Although being exposed to a magnetic field of this strength has no effect on biological tissue, it is important to ensure no ferromagnetic objects enter the scanner room. Also, metal that is implanted in your body (like a pacemaker or aneurysm clip) may malfunction in these conditions. Therefore, it is critical that you fully comply with all safety procedures and answer screening questions honestly and accurately.

If it is determined you meet eligibility requirements, here are some things to keep in mind.

The day of the scan:

While in the magnet: